Where you can see KANGAROOS in the Blue Mountains

eastern grey kangaroos
eastern grey kangaroos

Have you ever been to the Blue Mountains? Did you see kangaroos? You will probably see the crazy crowds on a Sunday when visitors use their Opal cards for a cheap and easy trip to the mountains. So you might see a bunch of other visitors, but will you see kangaroos in the Blue Mountains? 

You can see kangaroos in the Blue Mountains but it is more likely to see them at the foot of the mountain. Euroka Clearing in Glenbrook at the foot of the Blue Mountains is one of the best places to see kangaroos in this area. 

This article is really focused on the Blue Mountains, I won’t trick you into any other places far away from the Blue Mountains. If you want to read my honest opinion on the best places to see wild kangaroos in Australia check out this article

The Best Time to See Kangaroos In The Blue Mountains

I suppose you’re visiting the Blue Mountains and you want to combine your trip with the chance to see as much of the Australian wildlife as you can. Kangaroos are a true Australian icon and there is definitely the chance to see them when you visit the Blue Mountains. 

This post will prepare you to make your dreams come true. 

Kangaroos are nocturnal animals. That means they are most active at night and at dusk and dawn. Don’t worry, I’ve seen plenty of kangaroos during the day but it massively increases the chances of seeing kangaroos when you go outside and look for kangaroos during dusk or dawn. 

At the same time, driving at night can be dangerous because so many animals are active at night! You will need a car if you really wanna go to these places and see kangaroos in the Blue Mountains. So be prepared to drive at night or get a nice cabin or find a great camping spot close to the place where you wanna watch kangaroos. 

Where You Find Kangaroos In The Blue Mountains

You will be able to find kangaroos in the Blue Mountains but it’s not that easy. 

First I want to tell you that a mountain isn’t exactly a kangaroo’s habitat. Looking for kangaroos in the upper mountains will get you nowhere.  

Kangaroos prefer open grassy plains with attached forests. It’s definitely not what you will find in the upper Blue Mountains. That’s why your best chances of seeing kangaroos in the area are at the foot of the mountain. 

Euroka Clearing, Glenbrook

Euroka Clearing in Glenbrook is one of my favorite places for wildlife lovers to see kangaroos in this area. When I visited this area camping was allowed and it was a great opportunity to see Australia’s wildlife. 

If you’re there at the right time (and wildlife doesn’t stick to a schedule) you might see some of the impressive and huge eastern grey kangaroos. Always look out for wide-open grassland, this is where a mob of kangaroos will gather in the evening to eat green vegetation. Euroka clearing offers lots of bushes to hide if the kangaroos don’t feel like showing them to curious visitors. You never know what they are up to. 

Luckily, some of the kangaroos found in the Blue Mountains are quite tame. They are getting used to the vast amount of visitors each day and you might be able to see them at close range. 

It’s a long drive from Sydney without a success guarantee, so you better have an additional program for the day. Luckily, the area offers fantastic views, nice bushwalks, beautiful valleys, waterfalls, and caves. 

A nice place to stay:

Euroka clearing isn’t just a great place to see kangaroos. If you’re there in the evening around sunset, you’ll see birdlife. Take a look at cockatoos and kangaroos when you’re there. 

Jenolan Caves Cottages

A bit further away from Sydney are the Jenolan Caves Cottages. They are located on the western side of the Blue Mountains. These cottages have some grassland around and that’s a perfect place for kangaroos to graze and roam around freely. If you take a closer look at their website you will find that “Kangaroos can always been seen grazing around these quiet cottages”. 

That could be a great opportunity to combine your trip to the Blue Mountains with a tour through the Jenolan Caves and see some kangaroos. The Jenolan Caves Cottages are about 8 km away from the Caves, but it’s just a few minutes if you take the car. 

A place to stay:

Megalong Valley

I’m being honest, I haven’t been to Megalong Valley yet. I’ve heard good things about it, though. My Airbnb hosts told me Megalong Valley, east of Katoomba, offers a great home for kangaroos. I’ve been told the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms are a good place to take a break and see grazing kangaroos in the surrounding grasslands. 

Megalong Valley is not only home to eastern grey kangaroos, but also to the common wallaroo, and red-necked wallaby. It’s a two hours drive from Sydney so you might spend a night in this area. 

Why It’s Hard To Spot Kangaroos In The Blue Mountains

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not so easy to find kangaroos in the Blue Mountains. Kangaroos are less likely to be found in mountainous areas because their legs are designed to be fast on wide-open plains, not the rocky and bushy environment of mountains. 

Wallabies are much more likely to be found in the Blue Mountains. A wallaby is typically found in the mountains or hilly areas and it prefers to live in forests or areas with a dense layer of vegetation on the ground. 

swamp wallaby
swamp wallabies hide in the bushes

The good thing is that wallabies are very similar to kangaroos. Read this article to learn more about the differences between a wallaby and a kangaroo. Wallabies look very similar to kangaroos, they have pouches and carry their joeys in it, and they hop. But they’re smaller. 

Just like kangaroos, wallabies are nocturnal animals. When you go to the Blue Mountains to see kangaroos or wallabies go there in the early morning or late afternoon. Bushwalks are excellent opportunities for you to see wallabies, you have to be more attentive, though. They are perfect at hiding in the bushes, so listen carefully to know when they are there and moving! 

In my experience wallabies are often not as tame as kangaroos and tend to quickly hop away, but I’d love to hear your experience on that topic. 

Kangaroo and Wallaby Species in the Blue Mountains

What kangaroo and wallaby species can be found in the Blue Mountains? (source)

My Four Tips For Seeing Kangaroos In The Blue Mountains: 

The Best Places To See Kangaroos Close To Sydney

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If you’re in a hurry, go to a zoo.

Especially for visitors who have a limited amount of time in Sydney it might be easier to see kangaroos in a zoo or wildlife park. 

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